About Mack Payne…

Mack Payne

an award winning speaker from Lake Placid, Florida. He is a highly decorated veteran of two years in Vietnam where he was an ace Cobra Gunship pilot. Later he held elected office in Collier County, Florida and was a successful business owner in South Florida

Mack is a graduate of the University of Florida and the US Army Command and General Staff College.

He wrote Vietnam Veteran Memoirs, a book about his experiences in Vietnam. He has spoken to patriotic groups throughout the South where he points out how events from his book about the Vietnam War are relevant to current events in our country and offer valuable insights in how to handle those current events.

In his speeches he presents a simple method to help keep America great. When he speaks he delivers a powerful message of inspiration that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Mack Payne will leave any audience with a greater appreciation of the fact that America is the greatest country an earth and its citizens are highly privileged to be a part of this great country and must work to keep it that way.

His message is designed for anyone who wants to overcome obstacles and find success in life. It is applicable to patriotic groups, sales professions, management personnel and college students to name a few.  Mack is the ideal keynote speaker for your event.

Mack can deliver a keynote speech at an after dinner banquet, general session, at a luncheon or a wake-up call for an early-morning session.  He is an award winning Distinguished Toastmaster.  He will motivate, excite, inspire and amaze your group.

Mack’s Background:

  • Business Entrepreneur – Built the largest cultured marble company in Florida.
  • Writer – several books and more than 100 articles.
  • Speaker – Award winning Distinguished Toastmaster.
  • Former Fire District Commissioner – Collier County.
  • Combat Gunship Pilot – Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • Race Truck Driver – FASTRUCKS organization – Tampa, Florida.

Mack’s Education:

  • BS – Business Administration – University of Florida
  • MA – Management – American Technological Univ, – Killeen, Texas
  • US Army Command and General Staff College – Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Speech Topics

The Back Office Story of Agent Orange

The legacy of the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam is terrible and shameful. Learning how it happened is key to preventing such disasters of faulty reasoning from reoccurring. The Back Office Story of Agent Orange tells how mistakes in judgment by decision makers were made and the dire consequences that followed. The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans are one particular group of veterans who have suffered more than most and the story tells how it happened and of what must be done to help this group of veterans.

Valuable Lessons Learned from Vietnam

The mistakes made before, during and after the Vietnam War are too numerous to count. One of the lessons deals with how the news media can be as deadly to an army as enemy bullets. The events surrounding the Tet Offensive of 1968 offers a stark example of that proposition. Valuable Lessons Learned from Vietnam presents observations and conclusions about that momentous event from the viewpoint of someone who watched it unfold and conclude up close and personal. Its stark lessons offer valuable insight for the news media.

For the Students

Nothing is more important for High School and College students to gain an appreciation for what veterans have done for the nation. For the Students program presents students with the viewpoint of a battle tested Vietnam Veteran who can make the story of what veterans do for the country come alive with vivid descriptions about actual challenges faced by veterans including an infamous encounter with Burmese Pythons. This program shows students a simple and easy way to forever more honor and remember all our veterans.

When the Drums Begin to Roll

Being shot at without success can be an extremely disconcerting experience that can cause deadly distractions to someone in combat. Controlling thoughts and emotions by soldiers in a combat situations is critical. When the Drums Begin to Roll presents a fool proof way for soldiers to think and they go into combat. The program was inspired by a thought secret learned many years before that works every time. It comes from the experiences of a soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division in World War II.

How to Be A Winner Every Time

Success programs are a dime a dozen. Everybody and his brother has a program they claim will make you successful. There are five simple principles when practiced can do wonders for anyone seeking success. How to be a Winner Every Time lays out these five simple principles. They are presented by someone who has used to achieve things previously judged as unattainable. The program begins with a profound definition that turns on the lights of knowing exactly how to pursue one’s dreams.